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Topaz Meaning

Topaz, Blue Topaz in particular, is known as the December Birthstone due to its beautiful blue hue. Topaz is a silicate based mineral made by the marriage of alumnimum and florine. Pure topaz is colorless but the vast majority is associated with the color blue but can also span the prismatic color spectrum. Given that Blue Topaz is the most popular choice fir high quality finished jewelry we are going to focus on that in particular.

Blue Topaz is the birthstone that represents energy and a lively personality that is pure in heart. Naturally occuring Blue Topaz is rare. Blue Topaz has been used in jewelry through the centuries to ward away negative nergy and evil spirits plus helps channel your emotions and thought into clarity. Healers from ancient times and even some modern massage therapists believe Blue Topaz heigthens your senses and have positive karma effects. Topaz is a stone that is parallel to its basal plane which means it can be broken if dropped due to its symmetry. However, this symmetry is also why Topaz is a favorite amongst jewelers because you can shape it in many forms with fine cuts that lets you design stones with various brigthness. Due to all the above factors Topaz birthstone jewelry has become quite popular with not just December born adults but also the rest of the population in general.

The name Topaz dates back to ancient Greek times during what the Classical period from the word Topazios which is the ancient name of St. John's island located in the Red Sea. Prior to 1,000 B.C. people did not even know Topaz existed. Even when discovered, Chrysolite was often mistaken for real Topaz which is a rare mineral. Topaz was known as Tapas which means fire in Indian Sanskrit. During medieval times it was a common held belief amongst Europeans that Topaz also had a healing power. Topaz is found in the United States, Brazil, Myanmar, Russa, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Australia, Japan, China, and parts of Africa.

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